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No Quarter is a digital product studio.

We design and build tools that contribute to a more equitable future.

We believe that digital products play a vital part in the transitions needed this decade, and we strive to build products that effectuate meaningful change.

For this reason, we prioritize working on projects that establish social and environmental justice, creating a future in which all living beings can thrive.

Whether you’re unlocking a shared e-bike, receiving data from your solar panels, or investing in the latest renewable tech startup — we build the tools that enable it.

We work in close collaboration with our partners and clients. After identifying our shared mission, we establish the roadmap and deliverables, allowing space for iterations and purposeful exchange. In our product development we follow the principles of Design Thinking.

When we are not building digital products, we like taking care of our hydroponics system, making electric motorbikes, or hosting events in our sustainably renovated warehouse in the north of Amsterdam.

We look forward to meeting you.